Global Cannabis Culture and Gender Research

quality drugsLaws, policies, and cultures are quickly shifting around cannabis consumption as a few countries experiment with legalization, while others maintain a rigidly prohibitionist agenda. Colorado state has dominated the news and popular imagination on representation of legal weed, but it is only the tip of the iceberg within a global landscape. Women have been at the forefront of the shift-in-image for cannabis legalization, from one previously associated with racially-criminalized, or comically-stoner, masculinities. Organizations such as Women Grow have networked professional business women into an industry where they hope it could be “the first billion dollar industry not dominated by men.”  But will this be the case in a future projecting a rapid expansion of legalization to the remaining United States? What are the experiences of women working in the industry; as well as women cannabis consumers, in state both legal and not? How does the experience of women of color differ from that of white women? And what about other countries, such as Latin America, the Caribbean, Australia, Europe, Africa, and Asia? I am interested in interviewing both women and men on the topic of how gender issues are manifested in cannabis culture. I am interested in talking to people all over the world, in various countries, in English or en Espanol (formulario de consentimiento, cuestionario). Attached, you will find the Questionnaire,  Information, as well as the Consent Form. Please contact me at