Facing Student Loans: Sentenced to Debt

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Facing Student Loans is an empirical sociological research project that asks the question, “How are Americans dealing with their student loans?” Many macro-economic studies have graphed out the student loans crisis and analyzed how the $1 trillion deficit will impact the global and national economies. This project aims to put the human face on the student loans crisis by collecting personal narratives via video that describe the daily impact of extreme debt. I hope to interview folks around the country about their situations and help share the faces and stories of the student loan crisis. Please consider inviting this project to your campus, workplace, or community organization in order to collect and share stories.


Making Mistress More, a documentary  (Currently submitting to film festivals) (2014)

More cover

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Official Selection(s):
World premiereFetisch Film Festival 2014, Kiel Germany (November 27-9, 2014)

I found the website for La Domaine Esemar and was surprised to learn that there was a traditional BDSM training facility and professional dungeon within an hour of where I was living in upstate New York. So I wrote to Master R. He encouraged me to come out and meet them in person, see La Domaine for myself, and get a tour of the dungeon. I couldn’t wait. A week later I drove up the winding country road to their place near the Berkshire Mountains. After two hours of chatting about everything from human sexuality, politics, food, and health, I asked if he would be interested in having a documentary made about his business. He didn’t hesitate to agree. While I didn’t necessarily seek this out as a documentary topic specifically, it was an opportunity I could not pass up. Allowed such access to an underground sexual community was a documentarian’s dream come true. This feature documentary attempts to shed light on sexual fetishism and the participants from a sociology perspective. Sexuality is a complex human behavior that is affected by many aspects of our lives and expressed in a multitude of ways. La Domaine Esemar shows that sexual expression is part of the movement for personal freedom.

To see clips, click here.

To purchase DVD, click here.



Covered (women and tattoos) (2010)

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For women, social approval of tattooing practices is based upon the understanding that she will keep her ink small, discrete, and cute–anything more, and she has definitely crossed the line of acceptable inking practices. For others that cross the line, tattooing represents a resistance to social norms of constructed female beauty–their tattoos are large, public, and potentially offensive. This documentary is for those women that cross the line, become heavily tattooed, and interpret this as an integral part of their identity. Additionally, female tattoo artists face challenges and advantages as they work inside a male dominated profession. Women and Tattoos presents the heavily tattooed women and female tattoo artists through interviews, shop visits, conventions, and personal narratives.

Release date: March 2010.

Official selection at the following film festivals:

Trailer (3:28 min); Entire Movie (62 minutes)

Buy DVD on

Photos from the making of the film


COVERED from Beverly Yuen Thompson on Vimeo.


Loretta Ross (2008)

Loretta Ross of SisterSong: Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective, gives a lecture on “Reproductive Justice 101” in Miami during June of 2008, sponsored by Women’s Fund of Miami and Mi Lola.

Part 1 & Part 2 (video)


USSF Plenary: Liberating Gender and Sexuality Panel (2007)

The historic United States Social Forum brought together 10,000 activists that put on 1,000 workshops on activism taking place in the United States and Latin America, as well as cultural events, art showings, plays, concerts, marches, protests, radical shopping, and social networking. I was honored to attend the event, and include some video trailers of the full length DVDs that I made of the event. Check out the USSF page and order the DVDs of the plenaries and workshops. 5:50 minutes. Atlanta. July 2007.

USSF 2007 Liberating Gender and Sexuality Panel (video)

Photos from the 2007 USSF


Defending a Choice for Women (2007)

A women’s reproductive health clinic–aptly named A Choice For Women–has come under attack by anti-choice activists. This documentary features the work of Miami Clinic Access Project (MCAP), as they defend this clinic over months and months in mid-2006. Documentary movie released January 22, 2007 and now available for sale on DVD. 23 minutes. Miami, January 2007.

Official selection at the following film festivals:

Trailer (2:39 min)

Entire movie (23 minutes)

Photos from Defending a Choice for Women


Defending a Choice for Women from Beverly Yuen Thompson on Vimeo.


2006 Immigrant Rights Marches

See website Gigante: Despierta!

In 2006, several nationwide marches for immigrant rights were held. Two marches that took place in Las Vegas were captured by Snakegirl Productions and included on this DVD of marches from across the country.

April 10, 2006 National Day for Immigrant Rights (video)

Photos from May Day 2006

Photos from April 10, 2006


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