Snakegrrl’s Kitchen

While in Maine, I’m still continuing to learn new kitchen recipes. After reading Dr. Graham’s book, The 80/10/10 Diet, I’ve been trying to orient my eating towards a low-fat raw vegan diet. I’m definitely not going to be 100%! Just increasing the proportions of raw fruits and vegetables in my diet. I made a video about the book and my ideas about it as well. I got a new Vitamix and have been making up a bunch of fruit and green smoothies. I’ve also been learning to make a variety of cold, raw soups. These have been delicious and flavorful, and simple to make. So you can follow along with the food photos here.



Summer in Maine

I’m having a great time, spending the summer of 2013 in Portland, Maine, while on break from school. I’ve been out and about, taking pictures of the landscape and the city. You can follow along on the photo journey here.