Around the world in 2017


My first EVER sabbatical from school has finally arrived. I am planning to take a trip around the world: Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. It has been a long time coming, after paying off student debt, becoming a material minimalist, and sublet-hopping for years, paying down other debts. I’ve gotten to a point where I want to be as free and mobile as possible, not even committing to a year-long lease in an apartment, for fear of sacrificing my summer vacations by being stuck in boring Albany, NY when I could be traveling the world. During the eight months of travel, I’ll combing tourism with work, following a digital nomad lifestyle. I’ll teach two summer courses online, work on revising two articles under contract, collect data for three ongoing ethnographies (tattoos, marijuana, digital nomad women), sketch out one or two article drafts, and immerse myself in Spanish language learning. At least, these are the grand goals at the beginning of the adventure, we will see how reality shrinks the list of accomplishments.

indigenous29 April 2017–13 May. Lima, Peru. [photos] [blog post] The first activity of the journey was attending the Latin American Studies Association. I am just beginning to expand my research projects to include Latin American and the Caribbean, as well as beginning to get serious about my Spanish acquisition. Therefore, it was a pleasure to attend panels in Spanish. I stayed in three different locations, getting a perspective of the city. And I had enough time to balance sightseeing with work, including submitting final grades for the semester.

13 May–17 May. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

17 May–17 June. Montevideo, Uruguay.

17 June–24 June. Mexico City, Mexico.

24 June–?. Las Vegas…

Costa Rica, Jamaica, Miami?


More to come…