Global Tattooing and Gender Research

tattoo.jpgMy new research project, Global Tattooing and Gender, will continue the work I began in my book Covered in Ink, by extending the perspective of gender issues related to tattoo culture, to countries outside of the United States and Canada. How does the tattoo culture in other countries compare to that of the United States? Do other countries have different gendered experiences for tattoo collectors and artists? How do “developing nations” compare in their tattoo culture to that of post-industrial nations? I am looking for participants who are interested in being interviewed on this topic. Both men and women are invited to talk about gender norms in global tattoo subcultures from their perspective as artists, collectors, or observers. At this stage of the research, I am specifically focused on Latin American (Se habla Espanol) and Caribbean countries and Australia. In the future, I would like to focus on Asian countries. I would also be interested in interviewing folks about tattoos in the U.S. within the Chicanx/Latinx, Black/African American, Asian, or Native American communities. Attached you can find the global tattoo questions for participants as well as an Informed Consent Form. Please do contact me at in order to set up an interview on Skype, phone, or email.