Being Black #BeingBlack

Sapio Paz and Kenneth Newman have a short chat about what it means to be black in the United States… as their conversation refers to recent national outrages over black Americans being killed by the police’s use of excessive force during routine encounters. #BeingBlack

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Being Black

We didn’t have any ideas honestly for the shoot, so
Well, we came up with one: Being black.
That’s a thing now
Yeah, just being black
And hash tag being black.
Having a barbecue, flipping a burger, being black.
You don’t need to throw us on the ground, we’re good, just being black
Carrying a towel, being black
Eating Skittles, being black
Wearing a hoodie, being black
Drinking an Arizona, being black
Walking home, being black
Selling a loosie, being black
Being a 12 year old at a park, being black
Holding a toy, being black
Sleeping at home, driving, being black.
It’s just bullshit. Being black.
Minding my business, being black.
Imagine that, minding my damn business, being black.
Not worried about shit, being black.

BeingBlack 007