new snake!

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 5.03.47 PMAt the White Plains, NY Reptile Expo yesterday (8 Feb 2015) I got a new baby snake: a Western Hognose (normal). He is a boy, about six months old, hard to believe, by how tiny he is. I have wanted this snake for a while, it is more active during the day (perhaps), has a very gentle personality, and the males remain quite small, probably less than 2 feet and stout. I like mellow personality snakes that stay small. I just put an album of all of my past snakes together on Flickr. I have had this western hognose, a scaleless rat snake, a rosy boa, a brown rubber boa, three kenyan sand boas, two grey banded king snakes, and two albino corn snakes, for a total of 11 snakes. It’s fun to get to learn their different personalities and looks, which is more useful at the reptile conventions that I have found myself recently attending over the last few years. Few pet stores carry a decent collection of snakes, but at a reptile convention, it is possible to see thousands at once, all the varieties of breeds and morphs, and hear conversation of herpetologists geeking out. Who knew that snake breeding was so nerdy and complicated. I haven’t even started to get down the vocabulary. The next snake that I want is a green tree python, but they seem to need high humidity and are not friendly to handle. On the other hand, they are beautiful and visible in their cage. At any rate, snake collecting is a small hobby that I enjoy, though at any one moment, I only have one or three.