Making Mistress More, a documentary, now on DVD

mmmMy latest feature documentary Making Mistress More is now available for sale on DVD. Click here. After spending two year and collecting 100 hours of footage at the rural BDSM training chateau in upstate New York State, I spent last summer editing the hours down to a one hour and twenty minute feature film.

Description: Master R established La Domaine Esemar, a BDSM training chateau, twenty years ago in rural upstate New York. When Mistress Collette leaves the chateau, after eight years as head mistress, Master R begins a quest to find a replacement. He calls upon one of his former house slaves, confidant that with her incredible training in submission she can become a professional dominatrix. He renames his former slave–Mistress More–and begins to groom her to run the household. This documentary follows the making of Mistress More, as she learns the business of being a professional dominatrix.