Nevada Desert Self Portraits

momI spent winter break of 2013 with my mother in Las Vegas. In October 2013, she was diagnosed with Hodgkins’ Lymphoma at age 66. She started chemo treatment for six months. I was with her for her first treatment, and right away, she felt the chemo working. Overall, the treatment worked well with her disorder. While the chemo didn’t bother her so much, the next day’s shot to stimulate the production of white blood cells is what would make her feel drained and in pain. Mom has never had any major illnesses, so this was a first for her, and she learned a lot of life lessons. I was glad to be able to spend some time with my mother during this challenge. Her final treatment will be in February 2014, and she should be cancer free. At her last scan, she had lost 50% of her cancer, so we are very optimistic.

bevy3bevOn Christmas Day, I headed to the desert outside of Las Vegas to take some self-portrait pictures, along with my rosy boa snake. You can check out the set of pictures on Flickr.