New Documentary in Production: La Domaine Esemar

La Domaine Esemar, The Documentary  Currently in Production (ETA January 2014)

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I found the website for La Domaine Esemar and was surprised to learn that there was a traditional BDSM training facility and professional dungeon within an hour of where I was living in upstate New York. So I wrote to Master R and asked him to be a guest speaker in my course called Deviant Behavior. He encouraged me to come out and meet them in person, see La Domaine for myself, and get a tour of the dungeon. I couldn’t wait. A week later I drove up the winding country road to their place near the Berkshire Mountains. After two hours of chatting about everything from human sexuality, politics, food, and health, I asked if he would be interested in having a documentary made about his business. He didn’t hesitate to agree. While I didn’t necessarily seek this out as a documentary topic specifically, it was an opportunity I could not pass up. Allowed such access to an underground sexual community was a documentarian’s dream come true. This feature documentary attempts to shed light on sexual fetishism and the participants from a sociology perspective. Sexuality is a complex human behavior that is effected by many aspects of our lives and expressed in a multitude of ways. La Domaine Esemar shows that sexual expression is part of the movement for personal freedom.

To see a clip, click here.